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Since 2002, we have been striving to develop high quality, advanced tools for baristas. Dedication, care and the use of high quality materials have resulted in products with which baristas have won countless championships around the world. We take a lot of pride in this.


We still handcraft our Tamper & Chisel and Accessories after 20 years. From development to the finished product:


With us, specialists in their respective fields work hand in hand. Top baristas for development and testing, metal professionals at the lathe,


Master carpenter for the turning work. Specialists and masters of their trade ensure precision at every seat. And thus for perfect extraction.

Hand-turned: Pullman products made from precious woods

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In principle, vouchers can be used for all products on our website. When you place your order, you will receive a 16-digit code that only you know. You enter this when you make your purchase.

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Yes, that is possible. Any number of vouchers can be used for one payment.

Yes. The voucher is a regular means of payment and not personalised. The voucher code alone entitles you to make a purchase.

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