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Lever for E-61 portafilter machines

Lever for E-61 portafilter machines

Pullman Espresso Accessories

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Lever for E-61 portafilter machines

For the complete Pullman style of your E-61 portafilter machine. Matching the respective tampers, chisels and portafilters here are the levers for the espresso and steam delivery.


In several wood variations, hand turned, easily exchangeable. 


Exchange note:

You don't need a special tool. The holes are drilled so that the levers are difficult or impossible to unscrew by hand. This is intentional, because you want to avoid too much play at all costs and the mounts of the individual machines are not one hundred percent identical.

Therefore there are basically two possibilities:

1: hold the 'holder' of the machine with the thread with a (rubberised) pliers so that the thread does not turn.

Then, with a little force, turn the lever straight by hand so that the thread cuts into the wood. This always works well if the threads are not too thick. In this case you do not need glue.

2: If the thread is too thick and the lever cannot be screwed on by hand, simply drill the hole carefully a little bigger. Please make sure to clamp the lever protected (with rubber/cloth etc.) and drill carefully at slow speed. Be absolutely sure not to drill too deep. If the lever is too loose, fix it with some wood glue.

For damages caused by improper drilling, we can not guarantee.

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