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Barista Aluminium Bronze Base | Flat

Barista Aluminium Bronze Base | Flat

Pullman Espresso Accessories

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Pullman Barista Original: the further development of the popular Nexus series

Barista base handcrafted in Australia. With ergonomic compression area made of synthetic rubber minimizes fatigue during professional continuous use. TrueTamp guides facilitate consistent tamping.

Aluminium Bronze

looks similar to brass - but unlike brass, it resists tarnishing and fingerprints, so it stays beautiful longer. It also has almost exactly the same density as stainless steel, ensuring comparable weight and balance specifications to its stainless steel counterpart.
Aluminum bronze is softer than stainless steel, so is slightly more delicate and not quite as scratch resistant, but has an aesthetic appeal all of its own and is a perfect companion to quality brass-plated espresso machines.

The height of the tamper can be adjusted by up to 15 mm with the included set of three spacers 2.5.8 mm. This enables an optimal individual adaptation to the hand of every barista. In this way, several baristas with hands of different sizes can use one and the same tamper without ergonomic losses: simply remove or add the respective spacer - the barista 'fits'.

Please note that the Barista Base is precision manufactured to tolerances of 50 microns (0.05mm). 

The 58.40mm variant is suitable for all precision sieves, especially for the baskete of the PullmanFiltration876 series. The 58.00 mm variant fits standard sieves. 54.70mm is suitable for various Dalla Corte models, 53.30mm e.g. for Sage machines.

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