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Chisel Redistribution Tool | Black Stealth Matte

Chisel Redistribution Tool | Black Stealth Matte

Pullman Espresso Accessories

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High-quality redistribution tool for distributing the ground coffee before tamping


  • stepless height adjustment
  • light weight (431.5 g)
  • starts at 6% surface coverage
  • the steep angle chisel design avoids local compression of the coffee grounds
  • a low-friction surface makes spinning easier and prevents overloading
  • hand-polished base minimizes static electricity
  • 316 grade stainless steel

Any coffee pressing down is tamping - and that is to be avoided as much as possible in this step. 
In order to come close to the ideal of an absolutely even and consistent puck density and flatness, a successful compromise between vertical (compression, tamping) and horizontal (distribution, redistribution) movement is necessary. In other words, the chisel must be set deep enough so that as much ground coffee as possible is distributed, but not too deep so that individual areas are not pre-tamped unevenly. The result is optimal when the ground coffee is evenly distributed, but still loose enough to be able to compress when tamping.

Regardless of the depth set for the Chisel, the 'footprint', i.e. the area of the compressed ground coffee when the Chisel is in place, has been reduced to just 6% - compared to competing products, which often start at 30%.

Robust, classic, straight forward - the Chisel made of anodised aluminium.The theelectrolytic Oxidentification of Aluminium makes the material harder, more resilient and more resistant to corrosion. Anodized chisels are also largely insensitive to impact damage because no color is applied during anodization, but the top aluminum layer is converted into an oxide. The resulting insensitivity to water and the low weight make the chisel the perfect companion for the professional barista. 

Important: even the best redistribution tool only works with an acceptable initial distribution. This means that you have to make sure that your grinder doesn't scatter too much or eject to the basketrand. In this case, please always 'pre-adjust' the ground coffee a little with your finger, i.e. push it into the middle. However, this is usually not necessary if the mills are set correctly

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