Chisel Redistribution Tool | Black Stealth Matte

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High-quality redistribution tool for distributing the ground coffee before tamping


  • stepless height adjustment
  • light weight (431.5 g)
  • starts at 6% surface coverage
  • the steep angle chisel design avoids local compression of the coffee grounds
  • a low-friction surface makes spinning easier and prevents overloading
  • hand-polished base minimizes static electricity
  • 316 grade stainless steel

Any coffee pressing down is tamping - and that is to be avoided as much as possible in this step. 
In order to come close to the ideal of an absolutely even and consistent puck density and flatness, a successful compromise between vertical (compression, tamping) and horizontal (distribution, redistribution) movement is necessary. In other words, the chisel must be set deep enough so that as much ground coffee as possible is distributed, but not too deep so that individual areas are not pre-tamped unevenly. The result is optimal when the ground coffee is evenly distributed, but still loose enough to be able to compress when tamping.

Regardless of the depth set for the Chisel, the 'footprint', i.e. the area of the compressed ground coffee when the Chisel is in place, has been reduced to just 6% - compared to competing products, which often start at 30%.

Robust, classic, straight forward - the Chisel made of anodised aluminium.The theelectrolytic Oxidentification of Aluminium makes the material harder, more resilient and more resistant to corrosion. Anodized chisels are also largely insensitive to impact damage because no color is applied during anodization, but the top aluminum layer is converted into an oxide. The resulting insensitivity to water and the low weight make the chisel the perfect companion for the professional barista. 

Important: even the best redistribution tool only works with an acceptable initial distribution. This means that you have to make sure that your grinder doesn't scatter too much or eject to the basketrand. In this case, please always 'pre-adjust' the ground coffee a little with your finger, i.e. push it into the middle. However, this is usually not necessary if the mills are set correctly

Cleaning & maintaining your Pullman Chisel is very easy. A few simple measures will significantly extend the life of your Pullman product:

- your chisel is an important tool for the perfect extraction that likes to be treated with care :-)

- it is advisable to always place the Chisel on a cloth, or even better a rubber tamper mat, to avoid scratches and damage to the underside

- the edge of the Chisel is delicate It is an important element for the optimal functionality of the Chisel. Impacts on hard surfaces or falls on hard floors destroy the sharp edge

- Clean only with a soft, damp cloth. Do not use sharp or abrasive household or catering cleaners. Do not clean in the dishwasher

- Wooden handles are treated with a Danish oil and absorb skin oils and sweat with normal use

- In case of intensive use, it can be treated with Danish oil. Always wipe off excess oil immediately to ensure even distribution

- Small scratches on the underside of the base do not affect the functionality of your Chisel, but can be polished out at your own risk using fine sandpaper on the sanding pad of a drill or cordless screwdriver

Pullman accepts no liability for damage resulting from improper handling

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Questions & Answers to Chisel Redistribution Tool | Black Stealth Matte

Adjusting the height of the Chisel is child's play. It is important to note that the ground coffee should only be spread out for maximum consistency, NOT (pre)-tamped. Therefore, the Chisel must be adjusted to the screen and the respective grammage. To do this, the top is loosened, then the Chiselbase can be screwed in or out, tighten the top again, done. Without tools and in no time. You can easily find the right height by trying it out: First you screw the base into the Chisel as far as possible - this way your ground coffee will not be reached when spinning. Please check. Then you can unscrew the base piece by piece - as described above: briefly loosen the cover, unscrew the base, fix it. Once the base reaches the flour, it will spread the coffee grounds - the result is an even puck. If the base is set too low, it pushes the ground coffee too far and thus tamps it. You absolutely have to avoid that. 

Below is an informative video tutorial by Adam:

Yes, you can, but the result will not be as good as with Pullman sevens. These are optimized for interaction with the BigStep tamper and the Chisel and are guaranteed to have the correct diameter (outer diameter).

For tamping, if you want it to be perfect, you have to use the Big Step, which fits so precisely into the Pullman sieve that no channeling occurs at the edge either.

A clear 'YES' with two small caveats:

the Colours, which we use for tampers, chisels, portafilters, spacers etc. are identical.

However, they work anodized Chisel looks a little different than the anodized tampers and portafilters. This is because we hand blast the surface of the chisel for a better feel - therefore the refraction of light is slightly different and anodized chisels appear slightly different than anodized tampers of the same colour.

This effect occurs powder coated Products not on, here the colors are identical.

Both Wooden Basically, the same wood is used, but it should be remembered that wood is a natural product and different batches of the same wood are always slightly different in terms of grain, color intensity, structure, etc. If you order a set (e.g. tamper and chisel) from us, we always make sure that the blades match each other or come from the same batch. Of course, if you buy a chisel or a portafilter after your tamper or vice versa, we cannot guarantee that. However, it has turned out that the differences are marginal and almost never disturbing, especially since woods tend to adjust in terms of color over time anyway.