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Mouth Blown Set | BigStep L|TE & Glass | Brown

Mouth Blown Set | BigStep L|TE & Glass | Brown

Pullman Espresso Accessories

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Mouth-blown set I BigStep LITTLE & glass I brown

Mouth-blown tamper handle with matching cup, absolutely unique and individual in connection with the top model of the Pullman tamper, the BigStep LITTLE. There is also a beautiful glass, also hand-blown and matching the tamper handle.

It is a strictly limited series, of which only a few pieces were produced. No piece is like the other, so you get a real one-off. Reorders of the cups are possible by e-mail with reservations, but then require a lead time of a few weeks, as the items are made to order.

The tamper weight is approximately 320g, the glass is known as soda glass. It brings out colors and patterns brilliantly, but reacts sensitively to rapid temperature fluctuations. 

The glasses are ideal for espresso or milk drinks; but should not be filled with boiling water. This may cause them to burst. For these reasons, please do not clean in the dishwasher.

Please clean under running, not boiling water with mild detergents.

The tamper base comes BigStep LITTLE for use - highest precision, ergonomics and reproducibility is guaranteed. 

A 5mm spacer is built in, the variants in 2mm and 8mm are included for possible subsequent adjustment.

Here you get the complete set with complete tamper and glass, you can use the individual handle here to order.


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