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Nexus Handle | Acetal Black

Nexus Handle | Acetal Black

Pullman Espresso Accessories

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Pullman Nexus: Australian craftsmanship since 2011

Acetal is an elastic, impact-resistant and unbreakable material. Due to its outstanding material properties, it is used as a knock insert in our powder-coated barista handles. A full acetal handle makes it particularly suitable for baristas who want to knock the portafilter with the side of the handle rather than the top. 

The surface has been hand bead blasted to create a semi-soft tactile feel with a visually similar effect to the rubber in the base. 
Acetal is warm to the touch and lighter than aluminum. It offers the tactile benefits of hardwood (warm to the touch) combined with the strength and durability of aluminium.

These properties make it the ideal tool in the tough everyday life of the coffee bar. The handle is easy to clean with water. 

The Nexus Tamper features an ergonomic design that makes it ideal for both commercial and private users. If you can do without the features of the Big Step, you get the Nexus, a first-class, handmade quality product from Australia that can be customized with a variety of handles.

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