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Nexus Stainless Steel Base | Flat | 58,40 mm

Nexus Stainless Steel Base | Flat | 58,40 mm

Pullman Espresso Accessories

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Pullman Nexus: Australian craftsmanship since 2011

Handmade from high-quality materials such as the top tampers from the BigStep series, can be combined with different handle materials, feels extremely good in the hand:
If you can do without the features of the Big Step, the Nexus is a first-class, handcrafted quality product from Australia that can be customized with a variety of handles. Familiar stainless steel quality and perfect workmanship make the Nexus the perfect choice for baristas who work with standard sieves.

The transverse grooves in the tamper base make exact tamping much easier. The Nexus is available in the sizes 58.00 mm for standard screens and 58.40 mm for precision screens

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