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Palm Tamper | BigStep | Black

Palm Tamper | BigStep | Black

Pullman Espresso Accessories

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Pullman BiGStep-PALM - palm tamper

Its appearance gave the Palm tamper its name, palm being the English term for 'palm'. The Palm looks like a Chisel, but instead of the typical Chisel base, it has a normal BigStep base underneath. The Palm Tamper is therefore suitable for all those who like the look and feel of the palm tamper. The special highlight, however, is that the palm can be adjusted to different heights using the locking function of the upper part and thus always enables the same rope to be used without having to forego the functionality of the BigSteps. The edge of the upper part rests on the edge of the basket carrier, the BigStep always tamps with the same indentation depth. This is especially useful if you regularly use the same coffee with the same grammage. Once set correctly, the Palm-BigStep always tamps in the same way, because placing the upper part on the basket carrier edge prevents deeper indentation. And thanks to the patented step, channeling at the edges is virtually impossible.

BigStep: die High-End Tamper Base

Even more precisely manufactured than the other Pullman products, even better materials, even better performance:

The BigStep is the non-plus-ultra among tampers and has not won countless titles at barista and latte art championships for nothing. With a diameter of 58.55mm and extremely low tolerances of +/- 0.02mm, the Big-Step fits exactly into the precision screens specially made for the Pullman system and thus avoids any channeling from the outset.

The result is an extremely consistent puck that is optimally compressed even at the edges of the basketes. Extremely high-quality 440C stainless steel for freedom from wear and best material properties.
Patented 'Step' ensures that, despite the extreme accuracy of fit of the tamper base to the basket, no vacuum is created when lifting after tamping.

PALM Handle I Black 

Robust, classic, straight forward - the handle made of anodised aluminium. The theelectrolytic Oxidentification of Aluminium makes the material harder, more resilient and more resistant to corrosion. Anodized handles are also largely insensitive to impact damage because no color is applied during anodization, but the top aluminum layer is converted into an oxide.

The resulting insensitivity to water and the low weight make the handle the perfect companion for the professional barista. 

Available in many different, stylish colors and special editions.

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