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Tamper BigStep for SAGE machines | 53.40mm | Jarrah

Tamper BigStep for SAGE machines | 53.40mm | Jarrah

Pullman Espresso Accessories

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SAGE machines deliver great extraction, but the ability to reduce channeling is limited with standard tampers. That is why we have developed a BigStep especially for the basket carrier diameter that is usual at SAGE.

Please note that our regular 58.55mm diameter BigStep can be used for the 58xx versions of SAGE. This variant here is only suitable for machines with a diameter of 54 mm.

Tamper BigStep for SAGE machines I 53.40mm

The Pullman SAGE BigStep base was developed to minimize channeling at the edges, even with the smaller SAGE diameters. Like the big 58.55mm Big-Step, its smaller SAGE brother significantly reduces channeling when using the standard Breville filter. The 53.40mm SAGE Big-Stop uses the same patented technology like the big one to prevent the creation of a vacuum when camping. Here is our video comparison.

If you have no experience with dosing the coffee, using the BigStep will help you. Coffee needs room to expand with the addition of water. A guide to the right amount of coffee in the basket: if the top edge of the tampered BigStep is below the top edge of the basket, take a little more coffee, if the top edge of the tamper is above the top edge of the basket, take a little less. Of course, this is only a rough guide that can and should be adjusted depending on the coffee, personal preferences and experience.

Matching the BigStep-SAGE are all handles from our Barista-Griff category. Just add and go.


Pullman Barista Griff I JARRAH

Jarrah (Eucalyptus marginata) is a tree native to the west coast of Australia that can reach heights of growth of up to 40 meters.

It supplies one of the most important Australian hardwoods, which is often used in furniture and ship building due to its pest resistance.

With his rich, dark reddish brown, Jarrah is a real eye-catcher.

Please only clean with a damp cloth.


Spacer - spacer for individually adapting Barista and BigStep tampers to the anatomy of the hand.

Color ALU: the 5mm spacer is built in, the variants in 2mm and 8mm are included for possible subsequent adjustment.

Suitable for all SAGE machines (Breville) with 54.00 mm basket beam diameter.


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