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Tamper Nexus | Australian Oak

Tamper Nexus | Australian Oak

Pullman Espresso Accessories

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Pullman Nexus quality since 2011

Please remember to choose the right size for your base:
58.00 mm for standard sieves, 58.40 mm for precision sieves (e.g. Pullman Filtration Basket876)

Pullman Nexus Base

The Nexus Tamper features an ergonomic design that makes it suitable for both commercial and home users.

If you can do without the features of the Big Step, the Nexus is a first-class, handcrafted quality product from Australia that can be customized with a variety of handles. Familiar stainless steel quality and perfect workmanship make the Nexus the perfect choice for baristas who work with standard sieves. The transverse grooves in the tamper base make exact tamping much easier.


Pullman Nexus Handle - AUSTRALIAN OAK (Grevillea robusta)

is an up to 40m high deciduous tree that is native to the east coast of Australia.Due to its resistance to wood rot, the Australian (silver) oak is often used in furniture construction.The pink-red hardwood with a medium-dense grain is striking.This leads to a natural staining on the vertical surfaces of the handle.

Australian Oak has a beautiful, natural feel, is very warm and pleasant to the touch and is ideal for a natural tamper feel.



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