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Tamper Nexus PRO | Acetal Black

Tamper Nexus PRO | Acetal Black

Pullman Espresso Accessories

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Pullman Nexus: Australian craft since 2011

Nexus Stainless Steel Base Pro

Pullman Nexus Pro: a development on the Nexus 

Similar to the BigStep, the Nexus Pro is made 0.2mm larger than the industry standard. Due to the extremely precise manufacturing, 99.5% of the portafilter surface is covered. The increased surface area reduces channelling and improves evenness of extraction.
Conical side surfaces reduce the "vacuum effect" common with larger tampers. High-quality 431 stainless steel allows for a razor-sharp edge that wants to be handled like a high-quality knife.

Under no circumstances hit it against hard surfaces or drop it.

Please note: 
Due to the variation of internal diameter and capacity of precision baskets across brands, we cannot guarantee that the BigStep is compatible with baskets from other manufacturers. 
We therefore strongly recommend the use of Pullman Filtration Baskets. These are perfectly adapted to the BigStep base and individually checked by hand to ensure consistency.


Nexus Handle I Acetal Black

Acetal is an elastic, impact-resistant and break-proof material. Due to its outstanding material properties, it is used for our powder-coated barista handles as a knock insert. An all acetal handle makes it especially suitable for baristas who knock the portafilter with the side of the handle and not with the top. The surface has been bead blasted by hand to create a semi-soft tactile feel with an optical effect similar to the rubber in the base. Acetal is warm to the touch and lighter than aluminium. It offers the tactile advantages of hardwood (warm to the touch) combined with the strength and durability of aluminium.

These properties make it the ideal tool in the tough everyday life of a coffee bar.

The handle is easy to clean with water.

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